HALO nicotine liquid

HALO nicotine liquid

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-Made in USA- Child resistant- GRAS/USP
Halo Purity E-liquid are formulated to provide unprecedented flavor and performance. Available in a variety of specific tobacco, menthols, gourmet flavor, each unique flavor is developed under strict quality control guidelines.
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  • Halo premium Tribeca 30ml

    Halo Premium Tribeca E-liquid Tribeca E-liquid is a new ultra-smooth tobacco e-liquid with fantastic flavor all its own. Tribeca E-liquid has definitive tobacco undertones with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 e-liquid and other treasured tobacco e-liquid blends with slight hints of vanilla and caramel. Tribeca E-liquid delivers a solid...

    ¥ 2,900
  • Halo premium CoolMist30ml

    Halo Premium Coolmist E-liquid Revitalize your senses with the true flavor of our CoolMist Menthol E-liquid. Enjoy a crisp clean flavor in every drag of this unique menthol flavored e-liquid.

    ¥ 2,900
  • Halo premium Menthol ICE 30ml Halo premium Menthol ICE 30ml
    Product available with different options
    Halo Subzero (ニコチンソルト) 30ml

    Halo Premium E-liquid - Subzero Nicotine Salt Our Menthol ICE E-liquid refreshes naturally, offering a clean menthol taste in every drag. Menthol ICE E-liquid offers even the most seasoned e-liquid smoker a consistently pure menthol flavor.

    ¥ 2,900
  • Halo premium SubZero 30ml
    Product available with different options
    Halo premium SubZero 30ml

    Halo Premium SubZero E-liquid SubZero E-liquid offers an intensely fresh experience, packed with triple the menthol effect of our standard menthol e-liquid flavors. Designed for those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect, this premium e-liquid blend offers a subtly sweet mixed mint aftertaste.

    ¥ 2,900
  • Halo Menthol Ice (メンソールアイス) 30ml

    Premium Freedom Juice E-liquidWe invite you to come to Halo Country and try our traditional Freedom Juice E-liquid. Whether you're on the range, or an urban cowboy, you'll love the mild, yet flavorful taste of our Freedom Juice premium blended tobacco e-liquid. Freedom Juice E-liquid offers a subtle tobacco taste overlaid with a sweet tasting top note. 

    ¥ 2,900
  • Halo premium Southern Classic 30ml Halo premium Southern Classic 30ml
    Product available with different options
    Halo Tribeca (ニコチンソルト) 30ml

     Premium Southern Classic E-liquid - Tribeca Nicotine SaltEnjoy the comforts of Southern living with this uniquely smooth, light tobacco e-liquid blend. Built on a light tobacco base, Southern Classic E-liquid is adorned with hints of honey, citrus and cloves, then topped off with a smooth Madagascar Vanilla. 

    ¥ 2,900
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